We offer a suite of on-site workshops with proven methods that can be immediately implemented to yield results. Workshops provide participants  with tools and skills to improve efficiency, accelerate change and delight customers.  

Customized workshops can be developed to meet specific business needs.  To find out more about how you can schedule a workshop for your team, please Contact Gianna.

Workshop Reviews

“Gianna is super knowledgeable and gives sustainable and realistic ways to make changes to your business.”  

“Gianna’s workshops are very interactive – she keeps you thinking”

“On a scale of 1 to 5, Gianna’s WOW Workshop gets a 6!”

Customer W.O.W. Ask Me How

Better. Cheaper. Faster. These words have become the mantra of today’s customer. Does your organization have what it takes to delight your customers? Subscribe to a half or full-day Customer WOW Ask Me How workshop and learn how to deliver Customer WOW by embracing your brand, getting the basics right and then adding delighters that will turn your customers into your best marking advocate.

Get the Basics Right

Delivering Customer W.O.W. begins with consistently getting the basics right. We offer a suite of workshops that empower leaders and employees with the tools and skills they need to improve processes, eliminate waste, reduce cost and delight customers. Everyday Excellence (E2) Workshops integrate basic Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma tools into a powerful continuous improvement methodology that engages employees at all levels, creates ownership and delivers awesome results.

Everyday Excellence (E2) TeamMate

Everyday Excellence TeamMate is a 4-hour workshop that provides an overview of six basic Lean and Six Sigma improvement tools and how to apply them as a project team member

Everyday Excellence (E2) Team Leader

Everyday Excellence Team Leader is a two day workshop that teaches participants ten basic (non-statistical) Lean and Six Sigma tools and how to apply these tools to improve quality, streamline processes, eliminate waste, reduce cycle time and spark innovation. Coaching and a certification option is available upon successful completion of a project.

Everyday Excellence (E2) Champion

Everyday Excellence Champion training enables champions to identify, select and scope Everyday Excellence Projects, understand basic Lean Six Sigma tools and how to apply them to improve quality, reduce waste and increase productivity.

Engage Employees to Deliver Results

Employee Engagement – If Not Now When?

Delivering Customer WOW requires a high level of employee engagement. Our one-day workshop provides leaders with a proven framework, best practices and actionable tools that address the five ‘must haves’ for creating and sustaining an engaging work environment. By connecting each employee to the customer experience, developing their skills and rewarding their contributions, employees will become the WOW. Learn more about our Employee Engagement Workshop

Process This: Mapping Made Simple

Process This: Process Mapping Made Simple is a half-day workshop where leaders and employees learn three basic process management tools and how to apply them to maximize value and deliver exceptional service.