Overcoming the Biggest Barrier to Customer W.O.W.

Most companies understand the value of delighting their customers.  Repeat business, word-of-mouth marketing and 5-star reviews.  Many companies have identified goals for increasing their customer’s experience but often overlook one of the most critical components needed to make it so.  What is it?  Employee Engagement.

For the past decade, the level of employee engagement has hovered in the mid 30%.  According to GALLUP, the level of engagement in 2023 declined to 32%.  GALLUP also reported that the level of active disengagement rose in 2023 to 18%.  Why is this important?

Engaged employees are willing to put forth discretionary effort to achieve your goals.   They care about your company, feel valued and are better positioned to deliver Customer W.O.W.  Said another way, engaged employees are a catalyst for business success.  They make things happen because they want to – because they are excited about making a difference – because they care.

Increasing employee engagement has been a decade long battle for most companies with little progress made.   It’s not rocket science but requires leaders to focus on 5 critical elements.  Build Trust, Instill Purpose, Enable Empowerment, Facilitate Development and Recognize Contributions.

If you want to improve your customer experience in 2024, make sure you’ve built a firm foundation of employee engagement to make it so.  Interested in learning More?  It’s all outlined in my book Employee Engagement: If Not Now, When? that’s available at  AMAZON

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