How Lager Heads Went from OW to WOW

While visiting Virginia Beach, we stopped at Lager Heads to grab a burger. Things were busy so we got on the waiting list and sat outside admiring the ocean as we waited for a table.  After waiting for a while I decide to check on the status only to find that somehow our reservation got overlooked. The staff was very apologetic and immediately seated us. The waiter, Aaron, dashed over, apologized again for the circumstances and said he would make sure we got served quickly. He took our order, stopped to check on us frequently, kept our water glasses full and made sure our food got top priority in the kitchen. Aaron’s care, concern and awesome service made such a difference in our experience that it overshadowed any shortcoming we experienced with our reservation.

Everyone makes mistakes and unfortunately there will be times when you fall short of a customer’s expectation. How you handle that situation makes a difference. Done well, it can quickly turn an OW into a WOW. Just ask Aaron. 

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