Macy’s On-line Makes My Day

Last week I ordered some Lancome make-up through Macy’s online.  It was a great deal that came with a free gift that included nearly $100 worth of creams, lotions and make-up.   Apparently I did not complete the order properly (my fault) and when my order arrived, the gift was not included.   It was late in the evening so I got on line and sent an email to Macy’s customer service.  To my surprise, I got a response the next day letting me know that my free gift was in the mail.  Wow!  What a surprise.  How many times have you sent a customer service email and not even gotten a response back.  A few days later my gift arrived and it was every bit as cool as I thought.  Thanks Macy for a WOW online shopping experience.  I will shop again soon!

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