Where’s the “Care” in Healthcare

nurseThe healthcare industry claims that they get it.  Some do but others . . . not so fast.  I recently had some minor surgery and had a very un-WOW experience.  I got to the surgery center 10 minutes early, got through paperwork and was sent to the pre-op area where a nurse took more info and started an IV.  That was about as good as it got.  Surgery was scheduled for 10 am.  I am in a small area surrounded by curtains so I can hear everything that’s going on.  No one checks on me for over an hour.  Why?  Because all the nurses are sitting around the nurses station (just outside my area) chatting about their dinner last night, their latest date and how their sister-in-law is a #@%&*.  Really? The doctor finally shows up at 10:45 and tells we we’re ‘ready to go’.  How about “I’m sorry that I am 45 minutes late”.  Not a word.  Whatever happened to the ‘care’ in healthcare?


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