Anticipate Needs. Offer Solutions. Deliver WOW.

While visiting with some friends for the weekend in Jamestown, North Carolina, I got up early and offered to pick-up breakfast. Lucky for me, I chose to stop at Lowe’s Foods. When I got there, I was wandering around looking for a breakfast bar when an associate asked if she could help me. I asked if they had a hot food breakfast bar. She replied, “No, I’m sorry we don’t, but we just baked these muffins – buy one get one free. And, there’s a sale on cantaloupe and strawberries right over there,” as she pointed. “And the bakery just finished a batch of bread too.” WOW, that actually sounded great. I picked up some awesome muffins, fresh fruit, fresh baked bread (still warm) and homemade honey butter spread. Breakfast was delightful and so was my shopping experience. By offering solutions, Lowe’s Foods started my day with a WOW!

With every interaction, employees have the opportunity to define the customer experience. The associate at Lowe’s Foods could have just responded that they didn’t have a hot food breakfast bar but instead she anticipated my needs (I need to get breakfast) and offered a solution (we have other great stuff). Her willingness to help me created a positive connection. That’s why I’m lovin’ Lowes Foods.

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