How Treating Patients Like Customers Delivers WOW

Have you ever heard anyone talk about being delighted with their experience at a doctor’s visit? If not then they haven’t visited Dr. Weiss. His office can easily serve as the poster child for Customer WOW. It’s not a concierge medicine group where you have to pay a fee to get great service. He is a podiatrist with a team of associates that nearly always have you saying WOW on the way out. Having had foot surgery that required multiple follow-up visits to his office, I can say that the customer experience is consistently awesome.

The front desk is polite and knowledgeable. Making appointments and getting information is a breeze. If they don’t have the answer, they get back to you quickly with advice. What’s my typical wait time to see the doctor? I can’t say I ever waited more than 5 minutes past my appointment time. Once taken to the back for my exam, the process is smooth. I get a foot x-ray, it gets read immediately and I’m sitting in the exam room speaking with the doctor in no time.  Everything works like clockwork and I’m usually in and out in about 40 minutes.  For some visits, I even get a call the next day to make sure things are going well. And . . . wait for it . . . the medical care is awesome as Doctor Weiss consistently makes the “Top Docs” list for our area. WOW!

So how does Dr. Weiss and his team do it? First, they not only want to take care of my health but they want to deliver the best experience from start to finish. To them, I’m not just a patient, I’m also a customer. They have focused on process excellence so that making appointments, filling out forms, billing and handling insurance issues are efficient and customer friendly. And they have honed their office logistics to minimize patient wait times. They got the basics right and then have added delightful interactions that has combined healthcare and customer care to deliver Customer WOW.

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