Building Customer Loyalty – One Interaction at a Time

A few weeks ago I went to Home Depot in Winston Salem, NC. I was on a mission to replace a hard-wire smoke detector at my son’s home.  I was leaving to return home later that day so it was a ‘do it now’ project. I found the right model on-line at Home Depot. Upon arrival I realized that the model I needed wasn’t a stock item and had to be ordered.   On the way out I decided to stop at the service counter just in case I overlooked something. There I met Buffy. She quickly looked up the item and said it was not a stock item but she would be glad to order it for me. I thanked her but explained that I couldn’t wait.  So what did Buffy do? She said, let me check to see if the Lowe’s across the street has it in stock. She pulled out her phone, looked up and the item and said, yep, they have the right model in stock, aisle 18. WOW!

I thanked Buffy and headed to Lowe’s where I purchased the item. Although Home Depot didn’t make a sale that day, they gained something even more valuable, customer loyalty.  Guess where I’ll be shopping from now on?

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