Publix Deli Serves Up a Slice of WOW

What a delightful surprise today when purchasing deli at our local Publix. I stepped up to the deli counter and a young man took my order and then handed me a slip and said “Please keep shopping. We’ll get this sliced up and you can pick it up in a bit.” WOW! No waiting at the deli counter. They sure had the customer in mind when they implemented their new deli ordering process.

I can’t begin to count the number of times I’ve gone to a deli counter, gotten a paper number out of that red dispenser thing and waited in line for up to 10 minutes to get service.  It seems like such a simple fix. It’s hard to imagine why someone hadn’t done it before.  It sort of makes you wonder how many other things could be served up differently to deliver better service. Hmmm that’s some food for thought!

As for my grocery trip today, thanks Publix for serving up a slice of WOW!

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