Likin’ Lowes

I was recently shopping at a Lowe’s Home Improvement store looking for a screen door spring.  I was unsure where this item would be located so I stopped an associate and asked for help.   The associate was great and instead of trying to give me directions to the item, he walked me to the aisle/rack and offered a few suggestions for my particular use.   It then dawned on me he was not wearing a Lowe’s vest so I asked if he was an associate there.  He responded “no”, but that he was a contractor that worked closely with the store and was happy to help me find what I needed.   Wow!  What a nice surprise.  I thanked him for his help, picked up my door spring and proceeded to the check-out.   As I was walking to the check-out I thought about how the contractor had taken ownership of the issue and made sure I found what I needed.  I could tell that he took personal delight in helping customers.  He had mastered the ‘art’ of customer W.O.W. and left a positive lasting impression on his customer. Thanks Lowe’s for a great shopping experience!

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