Driving Me Mad

Visiting the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is almost guaranteed to create an  UnWOW experience.   I recently bought a vehicle and needed to get it registered.  I proceeded to the DMV with the signed title and bill of sale.   When I arrived I had to fill out another car title application form and yes, my husband (who was not with me) had to sign it.  Got it.  I should have looked up the process on the web.  I drove home, got his signature and went back to the DMV.   Unfortunately, the state system indicated that the car value was $7000 over what I paid.  (Just so you know, I paid Kelley Blue Book value for the car).  If I didn’t want to be taxed on the higher amount, I needed to have a notarized affidavit for the purchase price.  And yes, my husband had to sign.  I promised to return the next day with my husband .  (The DMV informed me that they had 2 notaries who would be glad to process this).   I returned the next day with my husband, again waited in line, and told the clerk we were there to get the purchase price form notarized.  The associate replied “I’m sorry, we only have 2 notaries and they are both out to lunch.”  Really.  It just shouldn’t be this difficult.

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