“Scrambled” Eggs-ceeded Expectations!

My son and I had breakfast at Scrambled in Greensboro, NC this morning.  It is a local restaurant that serves up a magnificent breakfast.  The place was buzzing. When we arrived the table wait was 30 minutes.  Right at about 30 minutes we were seated and from then on everything was exceptional.  We ordered our breakfast and received our food quickly. Our server Trey, was delightful, efficient and tended to our every need and the food was awesome (as was the delicious Bloody Mary that my son enjoyed).

“Scrambled” is an example of a restaurant that does such a great job of delivering an exceptional food and dining experience that customers are happy to wait a reasonable amount of time to dine there. (At least the 20 people waiting outside thought so).

In the restaurant business you can’t always control the volume of customers on any given day/time and with space constraints, it’s sometimes difficult to manage wait times. But what you can control is the quality and delivery of your service that will make the wait well worth your customer’s time.

Great job Scrambled and kudos to Trey for her awesome service on a very busy day.

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