Are You Delivering a Delightful Home Buying Experience?

A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of working with a realtor named Auburn when buying a house.  She was the W.O.W.!   Every little detail was taken care of,  she promptly returned calls and quickly provided answers to our questions.  She consistently provided info on new listings for me to look over and was patient as I worked through the plusses and minuses of each home.  Eventually, with her help, I found the perfect place.  But there is more.  Once under contract, she gave me a list of utilities and how to contact them, let me know what days were designated for trash pick-up, assured the Home Warranty that the sellers committed to provide was purchased and in effect on closing day, connected me with my HOA and sent me all pertinent documents after recording.   She even gave me the name of some local locksmiths to change out my locks and a few recommendations for house painters. This is just a short list but as you can see, it was a delightful experience!

Some of you may be thinking that all this is an expectation but in today’s world, it just ain’t so.  A friend of mine recently bought a home where the home warranty promised was not purchased on the closing date and the names on the deed were reversed and had to be re-recorded (for an additional fee of course).  These things might sound like small stuff but it’s the small stuff that defines the difference between a delightful home buying experience and a real estate transaction.

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