How Customer W.O.W. Turns to OW!

It’s nice that Amazon wants to WOW us by making product returns easy.  They have partnered with many stores to include a no packaging drop-off.  It’s easy and convenient but can quickly turn into a customer “dissatisfier” if not consistently delivered.

I had a few returns and arrived at the Amazon drop-off when it was supposed to be open except it wasn’t.  Apparently, the associate at this store was late for work.  I had to go to the service desk and ask for help and eventually someone showed up and processed my return. A 3-minute transaction took 15 minutes. OW!

In the world of WOW, showing up and delivering what is promised are what I call “Must Haves”.  That means if you do it right it won’t be noticed.  It’s expected and required.  But fail to deliver and very quickly any hope of Customer WOW will turn to OW.  You might be thinking, geez stuff happens.  Yes, it does. That’s why every organization should have a strong service recovery process in place that can quickly turn things around when customer expectations are not met.

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