Workout W.O.W.

A couple of times a week I participate in a “Senior Fit” workout class at the Kernersville YMCA.  I love going to my class primarily because of Angela.   Angela, our fitness instructor, is always positive, full of energy and has a terrific smile.  But what makes her class engaging and fun is that she is very in-tune to her customer base.  The exercises she does provides a keen focus on what seniors need, core body strength and balance.  She provides several approaches to her exercises meeting her customers where they are by giving them exercise options and never making people feel bad if they can’t do a move.  She’ll say “If you aren’t able to do it like this than do it like that.”  Always with a smile.  She’s constantly encouraging and complimenting the group and even singing along with the music, which by the way is mostly from the 70’s and 80’s so that “us seniors” can sing along too.

Every aspect of what Angela does is W.O.W.  From her technical competency to her engaging smile, she is what keeps folks coming back.   I guess that’s why her classes are jam packed with nearly 100 participants.

It doesn’t matter what type of business you are in.  If you want to W.O.W. you’ll have to provide What’s Needed – On Time – With Value.  Thanks, Angela for always providing Customer W.O.W.

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