Can’t W.O.W. Without Your “Must Haves”

While out shopping one day I decided to stop at a well-known bakery/restaurant to pick up some bagels.   Bagels are a specialty there and they usually have many types to choose from.   It was around 4pm. When I walked into the store I was surprised to see that the bagel racks were nearly empty except for a couple of blueberry bagels.   I waited in line and asked if they had any other bagels to choose from.  The associate politely said “No, I’m sorry, this is all we have.  They will bake some more tonight.”

Really?    And somehow that is OK?  For me, the experience was like going to the hardware store and finding that they are out of nails or going to a burger restaurant and they are out of buns.  Every business has a list of “must haves”, things that have to be done right – no exceptions.

For this store, having an assortment of fresh bagels IS their business, except for today when I took my business elsewhere.

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