Not Late – Not Early – Just W.O.W.

There was a time that we all thought AMAZON delivery set the standard.  Quick delivery and accurate delivery dates made it very convenient and many times left us saying WOW.  But lately things have changed.  Last week I ordered a couple of things I needed to finish a project.  I didn’t realize until the last minute that I couldn’t find my hole puncher and string but alas, AMAZON was going to take care things and I’d have time to complete my project before my event.  I kept watching the delivery time which promised my package on Friday.  Unfortunately, it didn’t arrive on Friday.  The next day, I got the Sorry but Not Sorry note.   I say that because this is beginning to happen more frequently.  On the other end of the spectrum, I also ordered a gold chain.  It was expensive so I wanted to make sure that I was home when it arrived.  It was scheduled for a Monday delivery.  Instead, my package showed up on Sunday and sat on the porch for most of the day.  Really?

Customer W.O.W. means delivering What’s Needed – On Time – With Value.   “On Time” means when expected.  Not late, not early, but right on time.  With so much technology and tracking, it would seem like the delivery business would only get better.  Sorry AMAZON, much like your estimated delivery date, your W.O.W. has missed it mark.

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