Verizon Does the W.O.W. Thing

Don’t know what happened to my phone but all of a sudden it said “No SIM Card”.  Ugh!  I was out shopping so I found my way to the nearest Verizon store.  Lucky for me I walked in and found Lexus.  She immediately smiled and asked how she could help and I told her about my phone issue.  She said, let me see what I can do.   She went into my account, clicked a few buttons and Viola’, it worked.  I thanked her and asked her what to do if it happened again.  She took the time to walk me through a process on my phone so I could reset the network on my own.  All this took just a few minutes.  Lexus was competent, efficient, caring and provided a delightful interaction.

A heartfelt thank-you to Lexus for making my day a little bit WOW!

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