What’s In Your Customer W.O.W. Toolbox?

Many companies struggle to achieve Customer W.O.W. due to flawed processes.  Errors, long lines and inefficiencies can’t be fixed by simply training associates to be more “customer friendly”.  Fixing these types of issues requires a process change, a frequently overlooked aspect when trying to improve your overall customer experience.

Using basic process improvement tools that engage and empower your workforce to identify and implement changes that address process issues is a great way to not only make sure you are delivering service excellence but is core to creating a culture of W.O.W.

These tools include brainstorming, identifying “What’s Important”, prioritizing actions, mapping work flow and applying change management principles to identify and implement sustainable improvements.

Check out our new Customer WOW Toolbox to learn more about how these tools can help you “Be the W.O.W.”

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