No W.O.W. Treats Today!

I love to blog about great customer service.  But lately, W.O.W. service has been scarce.   Last week I was getting some dinner and desserts for a family gathering.  I wanted something special for dessert and I looked to see if a local bakery was open.  Yep, google said open until 7pm.  Knowing that sometimes google might not be up-to-date, I looked on the bakery’s website.  Yep, their posted hours were 9am until 7pm.  Great.  I ran out to purchase my goodies and when I got to the bakery, it had a typed sign taped on the door saying weekday hours are 9 am until 5pm.  It was 5:15pm and the bakery was closed.  Really?

Having accurate hours posted on your website is a “Must Have” and when incorrect, creates dissatisfaction.  Unfortunately, this bakery “must have” forgotten that.   No W.O.W. treats today!

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