From WOW to OW

The only good thing about having a medical procedure done is that the experience usually gives me something to blog about.   Last week I had a CT scan.  I got to the hospital outpatient center, was immediately logged in and waited a short while before the CT Scan tech came to get me.   We proceeded to the back, the tech started an IV without any issues and within 10 minutes I was in the CT scan room.  Another tech explained the procedure and was very thoughtful about my comfort.   After the scan was done, the tech informed me that I would need to wait about 15 minutes for them to put the results on a disc for me to take to the doctor.    He took me to the waiting area, gave me a form to fill out and told me to take the form to the desk when my name was called.   Up to this point I would rate the experience a WOW . . .  and then things took a shift.   After waiting 30 minutes to be called I decided to check with the desk.  The lady behind the desk said “Oh, I was waiting for your form before we processed things”   Really.  I was told to hold on to the form until I was called.  If I had not checked with the desk I probably would still be waiting there.    So, I handed in my form, got my disc about 5 minutes later and went home.  The difficult part of the process was done well with efficient, qualified and caring people.  The easy stuff (i.e. getting the process right for the form) was done poorly.  What started out as a WOW experience quickly degraded to OW.  I hope they get well soon.

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