Not My Job

credit reportLast year I contacted a credit reporting agency about an error on my credit report.  They had incorrectly reported to my mortgage company that I had a loan balance outstanding.  The loan had been paid off several months prior.   When I asked the associate to have the information corrected, she was very quick to say that I needed to contact the loan company and tell them to fax the correction to the reporting agency to get it updated. Somewhat puzzled, I responded that the credit reporting agency was putting out incorrect information and that I would think they would want to take action to correct this.  Couldn’t they call the bank to confirm it was paid off?  “That’s not my job” came the reply.  “We only report what we are provided.   If you want it fixed then you will have to get your bank to contact us.”  Really?  It’s hard to believe that there is so little pride in any company that even after being told that they are putting out bad information, they are happy to continue doing it.  Whatever the case, having an associate say “it’s not my job” is bad form.  In fact,  any associate that says that to a customer probably shouldn’t have a job.

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