Short But Not Sweet

The other day I called a local tool supplier.   The conversation went like this.  A gentleman at the tool supply store answered the phone with the name of the store.  I said “Hello, Can you tell me if you are open on Friday?”.  The man replied “No”.  I then asked, “OK.  What time do you close today?”  He replied “5”.  That was the extent of the conversation. I said “Thank you” and he hung up.   I was very much ‘put off’ by the conversation.  I got my answer, it was short toolboxand to the point so you would think I would be fine but I wasn’t – it was very unWOW. A positive customer experience is so much more than just the product or information provided.  The way it’s delivered and the customer interaction makes a difference.  The saying “Short AND Sweet” is on target – you need both. As for my experience today . . . Nothing  ‘sweet’ in this toolbox.

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