Rite Aid Gets It Right!

pharmacyI frequently shop at our local Rite Aid.  The store is clean, staffed with helpful associates and convenient.  But the best thing about the store is that Rite Aid knows how to reward loyal (and frequent) customers.  As with many stores,  Rite Aid has a customer card.  They make it easy to use by allowing me to punch in my phone number during a purchase.  So what makes them different?  Once you spend a certain level of money you become a gold member which means that 20% is automatically deducted from your purchase every time you shop.   So no matter what I buy or when I shop,  as a top customer, I get 20% off and I don’t need to do anything but punch in my phone number.  No websites, no restrictions, no points, no hassle.   Now that’s a customer reward card!  Congratulations Rite Aid – you got it right!

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