Zappos Gets an A+

ZAPPOSI am a Zappos customer and long time fan.   For many years I have shopped Zappos online and have consistently received great service.   When speaking to audiences about Customer W.O.W. I often use Zappos as a poster child for someone who gets it right.    I go to their website,  find what I want, order it, it’s usually delivered the next day and if I decide I want to return it, I print a label and back it goes – free return.  Easy as that.   Every aspect of the transaction works.  But my advocacy for Zappos does not go unchallenged.  A colleague once asked me, “Sounds great, but what kind of service do you get when you call?”   I thought for a moment and then replied, I’ve never had to call.    So Zappos passed the ultimate test – online service so great that in 10 years as a customer I’ve never had to call.   Congratulations Zappos  . . .you get an A+.

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