Dead-On W.O.W.

When one of my close relatives recently passed away it was a very sad and emotional time.  In the midst of it all I had to make funeral arrangements.  I was fortunate enough to find Kimberly, a specialist who works at our local Woody’s Funeral Home.   From the moment I walked in the door, she was attentive and caring.   Throughout the process she offered options and solutions, was patient as I worked through decisions and provided comfort in a time of sorrow.  She even gave me her cell phone number and told me to call anytime.  I could tell Kimberly loved what she did and that she cared for me and my family.    When people are passionate about what they do, it shows and it makes a difference to the customer.  You might not associate a W.O.W. experience with a funeral home but in this case, Kimberly was Dead-On.gravestone

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