Behind Closed Doors

I recently went to the doctor.  Nothing serious, I just needed to get something checked out.  I waited about 10 minutes in the front office and then was shown to a smaller examining room where I waited nearly 30 minutes for the doctor to show up.  I’m not complaining about the wait.  I get the fact that some visits take longer than others and when it’s my turn, I want the doctor to take whatever time he needs to resolve my issue.  What I found a bit irritating was that while I was sitting in the little room, behind a closed door, the folks outside were having a jolly time.  My room was near a nurses station and the chatter was all about what someone had for dinner, the latest thing on sale at Walmart and how much fun someone had on vacation.  Funny stories and lots of laughs.  It’s not that I mind anyone having a good time, I just don’t feel like listening to it when I am sick and especially while I sit around waiting.   Whether you work in a doctor’s office, a hospital or other facility where people may not feel well and are waiting to be seen, think about who might be on the other side of the door . . . your customers.

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