Nightmare on Cable Street

tv2Apparently cable companies have not answered their wake-up call.   They continue to bundle all their channels so  you have to pay for all of them even if you just want a single channel AND you also have to get phone service.  Or you can add a special package (at a special rate) to get more stuff than you need.  Really?   So what’s a consumer to do?  Most likely go elsewhere and get what you want for less.   With the growing competition of select service providers and on-demand services closing in fast, it seems like cable providers would wake up and offer more al la carte features.   But instead they are asleep at the wheel and when they wake up will most likely find themselves on the back side of success.  Listening to your customers and making adjustments to your business to meet customer changing expectations is not just a ‘nice to do’, it is critical to your business success .   Wake up cable companies  – the nightmare is real!

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