Gaylord Hotel Has the Key to W.O.W.

room keyNot too long ago I had the pleasure of staying at the Gaylord Hotel near Washington D.C.   I could tell that service was going to be great at check-in just by the way I was greeted and treated.  But the great service extends beyond the front desk.   After a long day of attending meetings,  I found my way to my room only to find I had put my room key near something magnetic and it wouldn’t work.   I glanced down the hall and a gentleman was coming toward me at a fast pace.   At first I was a little frightened but he immediately spoke up and said, “key card giving you trouble?”.  I shook my head and he immediately said, “I’ll take care of that”.  He called downstairs and in no time a new card was delivered to me.  WOW!  What an incredible experience  . . . and service.   Thanks Gaylord Hotels.  You DO have the key to W.O.W.

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