A “Checked-Out” Hotel

hotelI recently traveled to a college town to do some volunteer work.  After the event, it was too late to drive home so I decided to find a hotel.  I surfed the net and found a great deal on Hotels.com.  The room was $30 cheaper than what the hotel was offering so I booked it.  Being late in the day, the room was prepaid – no problem.  At least until I got to the Hotel.  Although they had my reservation, they did not have my rate since “we only get updates once a day from our booking partners”.   OK, I thought, I’ll get it squared away tomorrow.  In the morning, a hotel bill showing a balance due was left under my door.   I took it to the front desk and they assured me I would not be charged for the room again.  I asked for a ‘paid’ receipt and they could not provide it since ‘their system doesn’t do that’.   Really?   A great hotel, with good service until you get to the transaction.   I kept my receipt and will follow-up to make sure it gets charged correctly.  As for the hotel, I guess they don’t realize that the customer experience is more than the room and amenities.  When it comes to full service, they apparently have ‘checked-out’.

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